Future of 3D Printing in commercial manufacturing of tablets in Europe

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Namboori Kandiyil, Muhammad Rashad
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INTRODUCTION- The technology behind 3D printing has its roots in the layer-by-layer fabrication technique used to create three-dimensional (3D) structures directly from computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. 3D printing technology is extremely advanced and has recently come into its own as a flexible stage of technology. The study focuses on the future potential of 3D printing in the manufacturing of tablets. The study also focuses on the opinions and expectations of the people in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing on the use of 3D printing in the commercial manufacturing of solid dosage forms

OBJECTIVE- To investigate the current state of 3D printing technology and its potential application in the commercial production of tablets, to evaluation of the costs, speed, scalability, quality and consistency of tablets manufactured by 3D printing technology, to identify key challenges to overcome in order to make 3D printing a viable commercial production method for tablets, to identify the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing in commercial manufacturing of tablets, to propose a roadmap for the future of 3D printing in commercial production of tablets.

METHODOLOGY- The data was collected through surveys which collected information about the opinion and expectative of students, interns and people working on Pharma Oral Solid Dose Tablets manufacturing in Europe which was distributed through LinkedIn and other professional social networks. A structured questionnaire was prepared by means of google forms which included both open-ended and closed-ended questions and was sent to students, interns and people working in the field of pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The responses from primary research were compared with the secondary sources.

RESULTS- The result of the study was that the current state of 3D printing technology for manufacturing tablets in Europe is still in its early stages. The study also pointed out the benefits and challenges in using 3D printing technology for commercial production of tablets.

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