The Challenges and Benefits of Replacing Salt with Yeast Extract in a Selected Butter and Bread Based Product

dc.contributor.authorTroika, Erisa
dc.description.abstractAs living standards in countries have improved, there is a higher demand for healthy, nutritious food. Health and well-being are the concerns in today’s world, health issues that the world is facing are making us concerned about what we eat. Salt is a cheap way of adding flavour to food and making it taste better. The recommended daily intake of salt should be around a teaspoon full but the reality is that the average person is consuming up to double that figure. The main concern in the world today is that excessive consumption of salt can lead to health issues such as an increase in blood pressure and a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Food manufacturers are looking for new alternatives to reduce or replace salt in products. Those alternatives will be challenging for food businesses as salt enhances the quality and taste of their product and in most cases, it is a cheaper additive than using another alternative. Food manufacturers also face complications, as the consumer will expect product with reduced salt or with a salt alternative to have the same appearance and flavour as the original version of the product but be healthier because of the reduced salt or salt replacement. One of the alternatives for salt is yeast extract. Yeast extract is a natural product that can be easily produced and could be used as an alternative to salt. It has a taste similar to salt, but it is a healthier alternative. This study shows how salt is being replaced by yeast extract and the product keeps the same characteristics. Yeast extract gives food the same properties as salt and keeps the same shelf life to the product.
dc.titleThe Challenges and Benefits of Replacing Salt with Yeast Extract in a Selected Butter and Bread Based Product
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