A Comparative Study on Lean and Six-Sigma Implementation at Various Pharmaceutical Industries in India and Ireland

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Sneha Chavva, Bala
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The research was set out to compare the extent of LSS implementation and different tools used in India and Ireland in various pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. For this, the main objectives were to compare differently sized industries like small, medium and large. To achieve this, a qualitative method was implemented and the data sourcing was done by primary and secondary methods with the questionnaire being the main source of the data. A study population of 11 participants who were presently work in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors of India and Ireland filled out the questionnaire. The study found out that there is not much gap in LSS implementation of these two countries. Top five facilitators, barriers and benefits were summarized, with cultural differences being the most important factor to be considered among the two countries. The study also found out that there is no gap in the LSS implementation in various industries at Ireland, as the small-scale industries too were found using the tools.