A Quantitative Study on Factors Associated with the Implementation and Uptake of Paediatric Vaccination in India and Irelan

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George, Nithya Maria
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Vaccinations are the simplest, safest and cost-effective method to protect population from infectious diseases by boosting a person’s immune system. It is important to enhance Paediatric immunogenicity as they are at high risk of getting serious infectious disease by harmful germs. Parents and healthcare professionals play an important role in the coverage rate of vaccination among children. Despite the success of Paediatric vaccination, the coverage rate of child immunization is very less in certain countries. It is essential to evaluate parental behaviour and knowledge of healthcare professionals about child immunization and to identify the factors associated with the implementation and uptake of childhood vaccination to improve the practice of Paediatric vaccination. Method: A cross-sectional quantitative study was undertaken on parents and healthcare professionals, who live in Ireland and India. A total of 133 participants; 69 parents and 64 healthcare professionals were involved in the study. Specifically developed questionnaire used to collect data from participants through email and mobile apps.