Reviewing The Potential Application of Bovine Dairy Powders in Supporting Healthy Aging of Humans

dc.contributor.authorHayes, Tom
dc.description.abstractBy 2050, twenty-two percent of the world’s population will be over the age of 60. Of this cohort, 80% will reside in developing regions. The focus of this thesis is to review the potential application of bovine dairy powders in supporting healthy aging of humans. Due to the economic status of this cohort require an affordable product with a prolonged shelf life is required. The evaluation of dairy and its role supporting a healthy aging population was assessed through evaluation of peer reviewed scientific papers and studies. Healthy aging allows enables the wellbeing in an individual both physically and mentally to carry out daily functions free from disease and disability. Osteoporosis, sarcopenia and cognitive decline were the three most prevalent diseases associated with aging and are considered global health concerns. With the aging demographic increasing, these 3 diseases were the focus of this study. Bovine milk powders are the most affordable source of dairy nutrients and also have the longest shelf life. Through investigation it was found that a lack of bone density was the cause of osteoporosis, muscle weakness was the cause of sarcopenia and oxidative stress was a key factor in cognitive decline. Calcium and vitamin D combined in fermented dairy was shown to increase bone density. Whey protein was shown to increase muscle mass. Whey peptides and amino acids were found to reduce oxidative stress. The key nutrients required to mitigate all 3 disease was found in a whey protein isolate powder and fortified in line with the recommended daily intake of an elderly person and a manufacturing cost was calculated in order to assess affordability for developing regions which may require a government subsidy. Future work would include manufacturing the fortified whey protein isolate powder and conducting subclinical trials to examine its effectiveness.
dc.titleReviewing The Potential Application of Bovine Dairy Powders in Supporting Healthy Aging of Humans
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