The analysis and impact of adopting sustainable blister packaging on solid dosage form in pharmacies in Ireland

dc.contributor.authorAntony, Reshma
dc.description.abstractThe pharmaceutical industry's commitment to sustainable practices has prompted a paradigm shift in packaging solutions, with a specific focus on sustainable blister packaging. This dissertation scrutinizes the multifaceted landscape of sustainable blister packaging practices within the context of pharmacies in Ireland, aligning its findings with the predefined objectives. The central objectives of this study encompass the exploration of pharmacists' familiarity with sustainable blister packaging, the identification of challenges hindering its adoption, the assessment of perceived benefits, and the formulation of recommendations to enhance sustainable packaging practices. By leveraging a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, this study offers a comprehensive analysis of the subject matter. The research commences by profiling the demographics of surveyed pharmacists, unveiling their experience levels and familiarity with sustainable blister packaging. These insights inform the understanding of the pharmacist's perspective within the broader context of sustainable packaging practices. Furthermore, the study explores into the challenges encountered during the adoption of sustainable blister packaging, highlighting storage constraints, regulatory guidelines, cost considerations, and availability of suitable options. The analysis of these challenges contributes to the formulation of targeted strategies to overcome barriers to sustainable practices. A fundamental aspect of this dissertation lies in the assessment of perceived benefits associated with the adoption of sustainable blister packaging. The research underscores a notable consensus on the environmental advantages, reduction of plastic waste, and improved sustainability brought forth by sustainable packaging. These findings underscore the alignment between participants' perspectives and the overarching goals of sustainable packaging initiatives. Aligning with the defined objectives, the study culminates by offering recommendations and best practices to foster the adoption of sustainable blister packaging within pharmacies. These recommendations encompass the need for widespread awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and training programs to facilitate informed decision-making and responsible choices. By addressing each objective, this study provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing sustainable packaging practices in the pharmacy sector. In conclusion, this dissertation sheds light on the intricate dynamics of sustainable blister packaging practices within Irish pharmacies. Through an insightful analysis of findings, the study contributes valuable insights on sustainable packaging, offering practical implications for the industry's shift towards more environmentally responsible practices.
dc.titleThe analysis and impact of adopting sustainable blister packaging on solid dosage form in pharmacies in Ireland
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